structural glass design

We are one of the world’s foremost engineers and innovators in the field of glass structures.

Our glass projects have ranged from ingenious display cabinets and spectacular staircases to some of the world’s largest and most iconic glass structures. Many of these projects have moved forward the boundaries of what is possible in structural glass, and some have radically transformed those possibilities.

We work on all scales in structural glass, and in all locations globally. Our services range from conceptual design commissions, through assisting specialist fabricators and contractors to carry out detailed design, to full services for clients from concept design to completion.

Design in structural glass requires a particularly rigorous approach to structural analysis, and we have many years’ experience of this, making use of the latest software developments.

We are particularly adept at getting innovative glass structural designs through the varying, and often complex, building department requirements of different cities throughout the world. We have been invited to sit on many of the standards committees around the world formed to develop more universal codes of practice governing the design of structural glass.

In 2010, our work was recognised with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation by HM Queen Elizabeth II.